Andrew & Jill Bauman Biography

Jill and Andy Bauman

Inspiring people is our passion.

Andy & Jill Bauman developed Bauman’s Xtreme Training to serve a unique clientele and consider the group “a family”.

Andrew Bauman:

Bauman’s Xtreme Training was created by 10th degree black belt and fitness expert Andy Bauman.  Andy developed his own traditional Martial Arts style;  Ja Shin Do.    The focus of his style is the development of the fundamental notion of Warrior Spirit; cultivating courage, internalizing self-discipline and developing one’s physical prowess and strength.
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Andrew Bauman has proudly served the following prestigious institutions:


Boston CollegeHarvard Sacred Heart Brown Tufts

Andrew Bauman’s Training, Recognition & Awards:

  • Training & Teaching in the Valley Since 1978
  • Awarded “Outstanding Leadership of the Year” in Arizona
  • Arizona Governor’s Council for Health, Sports and Physical Fitness
  • Maricopa Council on Youth Sports and Physical Activities
  • Started Programs at the YMCA & Scottsdale Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Self Defense Seminar for the National Women’s Hispanic Conference
  • Two Years Weekly Self Defense Segment on Channel 5
  • Featured on Channels 3, 5, 10 & 12
  • Certified Police Instructor for Physical Fitness & Tactical Self Defense
  • Trained Rhode Island State Police


Jill Bauman

Jill Bauman is a body & mind transformation coach.   She emphasizes the fact that being healthy and fit is proven to be 80% nutrition and 20% workout.   Jill has seen 100’s of people’s lives transformed physically, emotionally and financially through Isagenix and Xtreme Training.

Jill has a global vision to reach more people and impact more lives on a greater scale and in a more powerful way.  She and her husband are taking their passion to another level by opening a new personal training center to create greater accessibility to accommodate their increasing following.

Jill has rapidly risen to 3 Golden Circle, 4 Star Crystal Executive with Isagenix; becoming a health and wellness leader, changing lives around the world.  Jill & Andy recently attended the prestigious top achiever’s conference in the Bahamas.

Jill was recently featured in the Direct Sales Association 2013 national ad campaign as a leader in teaching and training 100’s of people through her genuine and sincere approach in coaching others to tremendous success by sharing a better way to improve health and wellness; utilizing Isagenix.

Jill has a history of athleticism and success as a track and field star, competing in the Olympic trials in the mile.  Jill is a national record holder and was a California Interscholastic Federation Champion.   Jill’s athletically minded family includes her brother who played football at Arizona State University and went on to play for the Dallas Cowboys.   Jill has 17 years training under her husband, Grandmaster Andrew Bauman, in Ja Shin Do, has earned the level of red belt, and is an considered an expert in the field of martial arts.

Jill is passionate about leading other like-minded people and showing them how to change their lives through direct sales marketing to powerfully impact their health and to teach them the ease of wealth creation through this amazing product she is so passionate about having witnessed consistent and incredible results for 100’s of people.

In the new facility, Jill will be teaching and training students; offering her expertise in personalized nutritional programs to help people reach their personal goals and objectives.

Jill is a mother of 6 and grandmother of 10.