Weight Loss/Nutrition

We are so passionate about nutrition that we make shakes available during classes from our full service kitchen.   Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Xtreme Training is its calorie burning effectiveness.  An hour long Xtreme Training workout will burn about 500 to 800 calories, compared with the 300 to 400 calories burned with a more conventional aerobics class.

If a healthy diet is followed, the burned calories should translate into weight loss.  As it is an aerobic and cardio workout, Xtreme Training helps its practitioners lose weight at a faster pace when working out consistently.

As with any form of exercise, it can promote “positive mental health as indicated by relief in symptoms of depression and anxiety,” as stated in a study on the effects of exercise on mental health by Arizona State University researcher Daniel M. Landers.

Our congratulations go to Jill Bauman for being chosen “Women of ISAGENIX 2013”.

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